We will be walking you through how to get the most out of your OWNTVBox. If you’re new to Android Powered TV Boxes, or Smart TV Boxes, it can feel a bit daunting in trying to understand how it works, and the best ways to get the most out of the boxes is to know what it is capable of.

How to set-up an Android-powered Kodi TV box

    Connect the power and HDMI cable
    Select the correct HDMI source on the TV you are using
    You will now see the home screen for the TV box
    Connect to the internet in settings
    You can now stream content using apps

    OWNTVBox connects right to your television, through a standard HDMI cable. The TV Box must also be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi, or an Ethernet cable. Ethernet is better for direct connection. After the connections are made, you’ll get a display on your television screen of all the applications on OWNTVBox. They are shortcuts to the different apps you’ll use on your OWNTVBox. Our android boxes is built on top of the Android system, you can download and use any Android app, right on your television.
We have an application called  OWNTVBox Media Center, or OBMC for short. The OWNTVBox Media Center is a lightweight but  powerful media center that allows you to stream different types of media from your local storage flash drive, or different online sources. OBMC updates constantly and is the ultimate tool for transforming your television into the only entertainment system you would ever need.

Play video files from your local storage.

If we scroll over to videos and click on files, you’ll have access to any files on a an SD card, hard drive or flash drive you might have connected.

In this case, I have an SD card plugged in with a zip file inside of it. If there were any video files on this SD card, they’d show up and I’d be able to play them right away. But since I don’t have a video file handy, this is where Kodi and the E-Box Media Center shines.

Create a Google Play Account

If you already have a G-Mail account, Google Play is super simple to set up. Just add your G-Mail account here. If you don’t have a G-Mail account, simply sign up for one quickly and easily in this window. Creating a G-Mail account for your OWNTVBox is a great way to reap benefits from the Google Suite of apps and services you get for free from Google. Check those out on Google.com after you sign up HERE.
Create a Google Play Account for your Smart TV box

Applications are the heart of the OBMC system and creates a unique experience on your television. There is literally an Android app for any task or entertainment need you can think of. Go ahead and explore and enjoy what OWNTVBox offers you

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