Android Apps

There are literally thousands of android apps on the market. Because of this it is hard to know which ones to download. Which ones are good, which ones are bad, and some can even harm your android box. So we figured it is important that you know which ones we load on our android boxes. Although this is not a definitive list because there are new ones that come out all the time.

        OWNTVBox MC
        ES File Manager
        Astro File Manager
        ITV Hub
        Reboot Manager
        Google Play Movies and TV
        HUlu Plus
        BBC Iplayer
        TV Player
        Film ON

Streaming apps for Android

Video streaming has become a very big deal. Cable subscriptions are looking less and less like a good deal and there are now tons of ways to enjoy content online. The beauty of streaming is very simple. There is no downloading and all with a click of a button. The rise of streaming apps is getting bigger and bigger.There are apps that come with a subscription fee but the choice is yours.

Plex Client

Plex organizes all of your video, music, and photo collections, and gives you instant access to them on all of your devices. With the free Plex Media Server software on your home computer and Plex for Android. You can enjoy all of your personal media on your device. Plex clients require a decent spec to run, which is why an Android player is perfect. Plex is the all-in-one media sharing server that uses your PC to distribute content to any device. Plex essentially acts as a server in a way. It uses your computer and the media you already have as a media hub for devices you grant it access to.

Beyond your own content. Plex has a bunch of different content channels built-in for you to use it. Some of them, like BBC iPlayer, already have good standalone apps for Android. However, it makes sense to have it all in one.


YouTube is quickly becoming one of the number one forms of viewing entertainment. Due to the success of E-Sports and such millions of users now watch events live. Thanks to the rise of YouTubers, millions and millions watch their content daily.

It’s hard to imagine the world without YouTube,  it is easy to get lost in a never ending list of interesting content.You watch one video, then before you know it hours have passed.That’s the magic of YouTube. Complete user-created content, all at your fingertips, covering anything you can imagine.


Twitch is the number one app for watching and streaming video games.  With it, you can follow and watch all of your favorite content creators. E-Sports is one of the biggest phenomena in recent years. Twitch is a massive part of that success.

Live TV Android apps

Live TV is still the way to go for most us. Whether it’s the rush of that big sporting event. The latest episode of that must watch soap (telenovela). Live TV apps showing the best content. Of course, some Live TV apps are regional and for certain locations only.


TVPlayer is a live TV streaming service for users to watch free streaming channels through their Android powered TV Box. The live TV service allows television license holders in the United Kingdom to stream 63 free live television channels. Including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Heart TV, Capital TV and The Box.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a streaming and catch up app for your Android powered TV Box. Streaming with BBC iPlayer is becoming more and more popular due to its content. The BBC now have BBC Three exclusively on BBC iPlayer. BBC Three offers some of the freshest new content the BBC has to offer. Timed exclusives are also on the BBC iPlayer. Certain programme gets released on iPlayer before they hit the main BBC channels.

Film On

FilmOn is a free Internet-based television service allowing remote computer viewing of local TV worldwide. It licenses more than 600 more channels plus 90,000 video-on-demand titles. Its library includes the CineBx and Allied Film libraries. It also allows users to create their own live and VOD channels. Channel lineup varies in each country where available.

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