What Home Entertainment Should Be
OWNTVBox Streaming Media players are the latest home entertainment devices designed to eliminate the need for cable and still watch TV Shows, Movies and Sports using streaming applications that come loaded on your boxes and are available through the app store. Our Stream line of boxes runs on the Android operating system allowing you access to thousands of apps, games and add-ons so you can completely customize your streaming experience. The streaming applications that come pre-installed, or you can download from the appstore allows you to watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids shows, Sing Karaoke and games all of that and more. OWNTVBox come plug and play ready with full access to the appstore for downloading all the popular streaming apps and games.
We offer Repair and Firmware upgrades
If you have devices with issues we can help you fix them.
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keyboard remotes, network power adapters, gamepads
Top of the line TV Box
Our top model TV Box has all the features you would ever need. Superfast cpu and graphics processor, Sharp display, Great Sound and HDMI 2, USB OTG and lots of latest features
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